Ultra short Off Axis Guider – Starlight Xpress

250,00 (price without TAX 206,61)

Starlight ultra short Off Axis Guider for Starlight Filter Wheels and Lodestar – Optimal for short back-focus systems, only 13mm!

Starlight ultra-short Off-Axis Guider – for Starlight Filter Wheels. Minimum optical length but maximum stability. Optimal for short back-focus systems, only 13mm!

Starlight Xpress offers an optimal auto-guiding add-on for its filter wheels.

An ultra-short off-axis-guider with only 13mm optical length. It is fixed with three screws directly to the filter wheel guaranteeing optimal stability.

Most important product features:

  • solid connection to the filter wheel for maximum stiffness
  • only 13mm optical length
  • big 10x8mm prism: full illumination e.g. for the Lodestar autoguider camera
  • easy focus adjustment with the lateral locking screw
Starlight xpress Off Axis Guider Starlight xpress Off Axis Guider
Off-axis guide with filter wheel and Lodestar camera (both optional). The OAG only needs a minimum of space.


Diagram of the off-axis guide mounted on the USB SX filter holder wheel


Bubble Nebula by Carlos Grillo (click on it to enlarge):

Image details:

  • Telescope: GSO RC10
  • Mount: Losmandy G11
  • Guiding: SX-OA-LF con cámara Lodestar de SX
  • Camera: Atik 314L+ Filtros: Baader Ha 7nm, OIII 8,5nm, SII 8nm
  • Resolution: 0,67 seg de arco x pixel
  • Exposure: 10h por cada filtro en tomas de 20 minutos
  • Calibration: Bias SI, Flats SI, Darks SI
  • Processing: Pixinsight
  • Place: Cambrils

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