Purchase Conditions

Terms and Conditions

LUNÁTICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. has as the main objective of our costumer’s satisfaction when they choose our services and to offer them the best selection of our products and good advice before and after buying any of our products.

The following buying conditions are stipulated without prejudice of the valid laws in Spain which state the following GENERAL CONDITIONS.


All the prices in LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA website are in EUROS (€) including the VAT corresponding to every item.

The prices are constantly reviewed and updated. Some unpredictable situations as a rise of the supplier rates, the variations of currency exchange rates, the changes in the shipping costs, etc can change the prices shown on LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA. For this reason, the prices in LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA can be changed without previous notice. If that would happen, for goods not in stock, between the moment of placing an order and the moment of handing it, the customer will be previously warned and he could cancel the order without any obligation or any option to complain against LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA. If the order has been paid in advance and the customer decides not to cancel it, LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA will be able to charge the difference claiming the payment if the variation of the prices is positive or doing a deposit if it is negative.


LUNATICO ASTRONOMIA S.L. has a wide stock of the goods shown in LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA. Our intention to offer through LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA the best and widest selection of our products, nevertheless, prevents us from always having all the references offered. Besides, it is unavoidable that some of the goods could be suddenly sold out and its replacement or updating could get delayed over the announcement by the manufacturer it could also happen that the replacement is delivered especially slowly because the origin is far-off or the manufacturer or/and the distributor have not very efficient delivery systems. Many of these situations are out of our reach and we can’t warranty the availability of all the references in our catalog.

All the articles in LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA have the availability time considered by our best reckoning.

In case the delivery time is of extreme importance for you, we advise you to check with us before ordering.


The administration and some manufacturers require prior budgets before legalizing an order. We are at your command in order to provide you with these documents under request. In case it is necessary, we shall include in the mentioned documents and in the subsequent invoice any note or reference to projects, consignment, number of order, service or department, etc. In the budget request or proforma invoice, it is necessary to indicate the following data: the name of the person responsible for the order and his telephone number, the invoice address and this of the delivery in case they are different, the NIF, any other datum that must be on the heading of the invoice and the payment way and time.


LUNATICO ASTRONOMIA S.L. is always interested in being invited to participate in tenders or in the presentation of supplies for provision contracts of the administration or companies. Please send any convenient information to and we shall attend with our best offer to your request. Besides, LUNATICO ASTRONOMIA S.L. always is giving the best service and tries to offer improvements according to the possibilities and our experience in the kind of material requested.


All prices include the EU destination country’s current VAT. Sales formalized through this webshop include the VAT, except for legal persons with VAT registration from other EU countries, buyers from the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla, sales outside the EU, etc. For these cases, sometimes the destination country could charge customs fees and import taxes upon delivery.


      • Methods of payment: banker’s order or deposit in an account (you can send a voucher by mail), credit cards or PayPal
      • We have local bank accounts for many countries; for payments in a different currency, we’ll apply Wise low exchange rates (consult us for more information). Please contact us once the order has been placed and we will confirm the final amount and local bank account number.


The products shall be handed into the address settled when the order has been done. The shipping shall be done according to LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA General Conditions and according to the “rates and shipping deadline” (see below).

In case you find any accidental deterioration of the goods (open box etc.) at the moment of the handover, please communicate it fulfilling the delivery form.

We shall not do any cash on delivery to a Post Office Box.

The order shall be canceled if:

      • We can’t do the handover having tried twice
      • When it is impossible to contact the customer within 9 working days after the first unsuccessful handover attempt.



If you find any deterioration or anomaly, please contact us immediately. We shall try to solve the problem as soon as possible without any additional cost.

IMPORTANT: we shall not accept any claim for any deterioration due to the shipping after 4 working days after the receipt of the parcel.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us within 7 days of receiving the parcel. You have the option to exchange it for other products or receive a full refund. Refunds will be issued using the same method of payment unless it was a payment to an account, in which case it will be refunded via bank transfer. Additional expenses related to the chosen payment method at the time of purchase will not be refunded. Similarly, shipping costs paid when placing the order, are non-refundable. If the order was shipped without cost to the customer, the shipping amount will be deducted from the refund.

All the returned articles must be in perfect conditions and with the original packaging, as well as including the warranty, handbook, accessories, seals, and any unopened bags, if applicable.

Every change or/and repayment shall be done after LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. has verified the condition of the returned goods. Before any withdrawal, you must contact LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. customers’ attention personnel and to obtain a withdrawal authorization.

In case the item you return was not in the mentioned conditions, it shall be sent back to the customer and the corresponding shipment shall be charged to him. We shall not accept the withdrawal of all these products that “for its nature, can’t be neither returned (…) nor liable of being immediately downloaded or recorded for a permanent use” (Ley 47/2002, of December 19th on Ordenación del Comercio minorista, art. 45)

The orders can be canceled without any charges in those cases in which it is specified when you receive the order acknowledgment (for example items made under the customer request, products not being usually in stock for reason of its special features etc.)

IMPORTANT: It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare correctly the withdrawal package. Delivery services or post offices don’t make parcels, for that reason the customer must send the product in its original package inside another parcel correctly protected in order to avoid damaging the original package. LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. shall not accept any change or withdrawal without its right packing.


The warranty of products and/or goods purchased through LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA is offered by manufacturers (always being, as a minimum, 2 years for durable consumer goods purchased as new). If not otherwise stated, warranty cards shall be sent (if they exist) fulfilled with the customers’ data and sealed by LUNATICO ASTRONOMIA S.L. The serial number of the product (if they exist or it is accessible without unpacking the packing case) shall be specified in the delivery note and invoice that accompanies the order and in the warranty card.

LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L., as distributors of the product, will answer any claim made from the customers, applying the appropriate actions for achieving so that the manufacturer can repair or replace the products with manufacturing defaults.

If it would be necessary to send any product to Lunático, for its repair or revision, customers must contact previously LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. in order to obtain the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and shipping instructions.


LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S. L. is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to our customers or any third party due to the use of any of the products supplied or the inadequate use of the same

LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S. L. is not responsible for the subtraction by means of fraudulent informatics techniques of any data introduced in the internet network. Anyway, all the customers have the option of easing their data by other means (telephone, fax or mail.


Orders above 300€ in LUNATICO PRODUCTS have free shipping worldwide, to get this option, enter the code “FREE SHIPPING” in the Coupon Code box during the purchase process.

Heavy or very big items (such as domes) are not covered by this free shipping policy and will be quoted upon customer request.

For certain destinations (Canary Islands, some destinations in South America …) all shipments should be insured; in this case, the cost of insurance will be covered by the customer. In case the customer does not wish to pay the insurance, the shipment will be made under his complete responsibility. Please ask us.

At the customer option, goods can be sent by courier with an additional cost, please consult us.

We usually ship in 2 to 4 days. If one order includes product(s) not ready to ship in that time frame, the customer will be notified as soon as possible with a realistic estimate.

If the delivery time is critical for you, please contact us before placing the order.

This rate and time are for shipments within Spain. Please consult us for other destinations and wights. The prices in this tariff are subject to changes.


LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. guaranteed the confidentiality of the data received. In LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. we value the confidence that the customer has put in our hands. That is the reason why our commitment is to ensure the confidentiality of his data. We guaranteed that we shall never share the customer data with any organization or company other than LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S. L


As stated in the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 of December 13th on Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, the entitled of this WEB, LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. warrantees to confidentially deal with the data of personal character of the User to which he shall have access as a result of his navigation or record, if that becomes necessary, in the WEB, and that such data shall only be used with the purpose of giving and offering the services and products of the WEB.

At the moment that you want to make a purchase in this site it shall be necessary to give your personal data in order to enable us to manage the orders, as well as, if you want so, to punctually receive the information of commercial character concerning the products and services of LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. that could result of your interest. The data given by you shall be introduced in an automatized file and shall take part of a customer database of LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. that warrantee the safety and confidentiality of the data received.

The User or his legal representative is entitled to exert his rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation of his personal data, either acceding to the web of LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA with his user name and code or addressing in writing to LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. whose mail address is at Bahía de Almería 14D (4o A) 28042 Madrid, Spain. Such a request must include the first name and family name of the User, a photocopy of the Documento Nacional the Identidad or Passport, request, address for notifications, date, and signature. In the case a representative, that condition must be proved by means of an authentic document.

Also, the server where such data shall be stored and processed has the same safety means necessary for avoiding alteration, loss, and unauthorized treatment of such data.