Armadillo focuser

About focuser controllers

Why is an external controller like the Armadillo, Platypus, Tarsier or Limpet better than an “all in one” (focuser with embedded motor and cables)?

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Cloud detection

PocketCloudWatcher: Test report

LUNÁTICO ASTRONOMÍA POCKET CLOUD WATCHER (“Astronomía” Magazine nº. 238 – April 2019)   This month we bring a sort of personal weather guard. A small

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Placa Lunático

How to drill aluminium?

The Lunático plates, and others, are designed for been apt to be easily adapted for the use that you wish to give them.

That is the reason why we make them in solid aluminum that shows much less machining problems that extruded forms.

We need:

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Solucion de guiado Lunatico

Why is it best to guide with a short scope?

Autoguiding is one of the most challenging tasks to master in astrophotography; nowadays, with digital cameras (CCD or CMOS), manual guiding makes no sense, as it is almost impossible to keep the required accuracy, even more with the ever-increasing exposure times everyone is using.

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