Starlight Xpress USB filter Wheel


The Starlight Xpress USB Filter Wheel

The filter wheel with USB connection is a product developed since 2009 by Starlight Xpress that presents many new features for such an accessory. It does not require an external power source, as it is powered directly from the USB socket and consumes less than 100mA. In addition, it can also operate from the serial port or the manual control, in both cases powered by a small battery.

It can be rotated in both directions, before locking, allowing the wheel and camera to be placed in the optimal position.

The wheel is quiet in operation and the Hall-Effect 3 bit encoded positioning gives absolute filter locations (not serially sequential) so you can easily swap between any filters without accidentally losing the wheel position.

Technical specifications:

  • Positions: 5 or 7 (depending on option)
  • For (various sizes):
      •  1,25″ – 7 positions
      • 2″ – 5 positions
      • 36mm. unmounted- 7 positions
      • 50.8mm. unmounted- 5 positions
  • Telescope side (available several adapters):
  • Camera side (available several adapters):
  • Approximate weight: 700 g
  • Easy change system of thumbscrews to swap filter disks without tools.
  • Filter wheel control program fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows
Esquema de rueda portafiltros con adaptadores T2
Diagram of filter holder wheel with T2 adapters.


Filter thread

1,25", 2", Ø 36, Ø 50

Camera side adapter

T-2, M-48, SCT, Takahashi

Telescope side adapter

M-48, SCT, T-2, Takahashi

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