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Telescope pier with mount adapter


Sturdy telescope pier, made of solid steel with a square base and custom mount adapter.

Sturdy telescope pier, made by Lunático Astronomía, in steel with a square base and custom mount adapter.

Lunatico's telescope pier head versus other options in the market
Lunatico’s telescope pier head versus other options in the market

Technical specifications:

  • Solid steel construction, high quality, sturdy spray paint.
  • Square 500*500mm, 10mm thick steel base.
  • Total height: 1030mm.
  • External tube diameter: 152mm. (bigger columns available soon)
  • Interior tube diameter: 146mm.
  • With custom aluminum adapter:
      • with cylindrical dovetail to attach to the common column
      • rotatable – no north nor south alignment problem
      • specific for every mount. Currently available:
          • Celestron CG4, CG5, CGEM,
          • SW EQ6, AZEQ6, EQ5, HEQ5, CG5,
          • Orion EQG Sirius
          • Vixen SxP, SX, GP, GP-DX, Atlux
          • … and any other if you are willing to measure it.
  • 2 hooks for accessories
  • With optional tray
  • 4 holes in the base (12mm diam.) for easy attaching to the floor with M12 screws.

Not exactly what you’re looking for? Contact us at We can adapt the pier to your specifications.


Detail of the Lunático’s telescope pier with the strap set and the tray (sold separately) to easily and comfortably organize cables and other accessories.

Mount adapter

Celestron CG4, Celestron CG5, Celestron CGEM, Orion EQG Sirius, Other (please contact us to indicate the measures), SkyWatcher EQ6, AZEQ6, EQ5, HEQ5, Vixen SxP, SX, GP, GP-DX, Atlux

Accessory tray

With tray, Without tray

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