Lunatico Medusa Filter

Capture the cosmos in its purest form ! – experience the difference with the Lunatico’s Medusa Filter

Available very soon!

Lunatico’s Medusa Filter – For Crystal Clear Astrophotography

Unveil the true beauty of the cosmos with our Lunatico’s Medusa Filter, meticulously engineered to eradicate artificial artefacts from your astroimaging. Crafted with precision for general astrophotography, this filter seamlessly integrates into your imaging setup without altering the essence of your celestial captures, allowing you to preserve the authenticity of each cosmic wonder.

Designed with the discerning astrophotographer in mind, our filter employs advanced technology to target and eliminate artificial distortions, ensuring that your images remain true to the pristine allure of the night sky. Whether you’re capturing distant galaxies, ethereal nebulae, or intricate star clusters, Lunatico’s Medusa Filter serves as your steadfast companion, delivering unparalleled clarity and definition to every shot.

Compatible with a wide range of astrophotography equipment, our filter is engineered to complement and enhance your existing setup, allowing for seamless integration with other filters for customized imaging solutions. Say goodbye to unwanted artefacts and hello to unparalleled image quality with the Lunatico’s Medusa Filter – your gateway to unadulterated celestial beauty.


Transmission curve


Filter thread

1,25", 2"

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