Chroma CCD NarrowBand filterset 8nm (3 filters set)

CHROMA, filters of very high quality, durability and purity for use in astrophotography and photometry.

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NGC 2237, Roseta Nebula –Courtesy of Rogelio Sánchez-

Tube: Taka FSQ 106 N a f5
Mount: ASA DDM60 pro
Guiding: OAG QHY
Guide camera: ZWO 120MM
Main camera: QHY 16200a

Chroma filters: HA: 15 sub a 900 bin 1 – OIII y SII 15 sub a 450 bin 2 (each color)
Shooting place: Minglanilla, Cuenca
Image: Rogelio Sanchez Albusac
Processed: Maritxu Poyal Viudez


CHROMA, Optical Filters for Astronomy Applications.

Lunático introduces the Chroma filters, designed and manufactured by the prestigious American company Chroma Technology Corp., manufacturer of precision optical filters and coatings with 30 years of experience.

The Chroma filters are the highest quality astronomy filters with durable, sputtered hard coatings using single substrates of the best glass, eliminating the need for laminations. All primary filter coatings are applied on the front surface and anti-reflection coatings on the rear surface to prevent ghosting and to maximize transmission.

Highly precise and accurate, the passbands of these filters remain spectrally stable and do not drift in response to extreme temperature fluctuations or changes in humidity. All filters may be used with apertures of f/4 or smaller.

Sample image, courtesy of Rogelio Sánchez, with Chroma filters.
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Sample image, courtesy of Rogelio Sánchez, with «other filters».
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  • Durable sputter coatings
  • Parallelism: <30 arcsec
  • Thickness: 3.0 +/-0.05mm
  • Filters designed for use with CCD and for f/4.0 or slower
  • Transmitted wavefront better than 0.25 waves/inch
Narrow Band filter set with:

  • H-Alpha 8nm Narrow Band – T: ≥ 94%@656.3nm, FWHM = 7.7nm
  • OIII 8nm Narrow Band – T: ≥ 94%@500.7nm, FWHM = 7.1nm
  • SII 8nm Narrow Band – T: ≥ 94%@672.4nm, FWHM = 7.7nm

Transmission curves

Filtros Chroma Lunatico Astronomia

Filtros Chroma Lunatico Astronomia

Filtros Chroma Lunatico Astronomia

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Filter thread

1,25", 2", Ø 31, Ø 36, Ø 50, 50x50mm.

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