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QHY 5III 224C color camera

325,00 (price without TAX 268,60)

Extremely low readout noise CMOS Camera. One of your best choices for color planetary imaging.

Discontinued Model, we suggest replacing by QHY5III462C

Out of stock

Discontinued Model, we suggest replacing by QHY5III462C

QHY5III224C, to get great planetary images at the best price on the market.

Alexei Pace - Edge HD14+QHY5III224+2xTV+ADC
Alexei Pace – Edge HD14+QHY5III224+2xTV+ADC (Click to enlarge).

This camera uses the SONY 1/3inch ultra-low readout noise CMOS sensor IMX224 (available in color only). With its extremely-low readout noise of less than one electron, the IMX224 sensor achieved the top score in the new SNR1 index proposed by Sony for picture quality at low illumination. It is one of your best choices for color planetary imaging.

The sensor is declared as the highest sensitivity Cmos sensor in SONY small sensors. The reason for such high sensitivity is due to its low readout noise (may less than 1 electron at a high gain).  The low readout noise means it has a strong capability to capture the weak light without been flood by noise background.  This feature brings advantages for high ratio planetary imaging.

QHY224 has USB3.0 super speed interface. It has 150FPS at 1280*960 full-size output. The high frame rate can reduce atmospheric agitation. QHY5III224 includes 8bit and 12bit transfer mode. The exposure time from 20us to 1200sec. It is not only for planetary and guiding but also for some basic deep-sky imaging. The camera includes a compact 1.25inch eyepiece design and CS adapter compatible, and it has a built-in 5pin LEMO guide socket, solid and reliable. This represents high quality and reliability.


QHY5III224 Test de Video

QHY5III224 with a 50mmF1.4 C-mount lens. 33ms per frame. 30FPS.  The M44 can be seen in this video! The online preview is compressed. If you want to download the uncompressed video please select “download” when enter this google disk page. 500MB size.



QHY 5III cameras, the best in their category!

Compare QHY 178 and ASI 178 amp glow (click to enlarge).

Side by side compares at the same exposure time and the same temperature. From this image, we know the amp-control can reduce both the amp light and the thermal noise.


Características técnicas:

  • CMOS Sensor: Sony IMX224 Exmor CMOS sensor (Color)
  • Imager Size: Typical 1/3inch
  • Effective Pixels: 1280*960  2.35mega pixels
  • Effective Area: 4.8mm*3.6mm
  • Pixel Size: 3.75um*3.75um
  • Readout Type: Progressive Scan
  • FullWell: >19ke
  • Peak QE: TBD
  • Shutter: Rolling Electric Shutter
  • Readout Noise: 0.5-0.7e@middle gain with HGC mode – 3e@lowest gain with LGC mode
  • Anti-amplight Control: Yes (Reduce the amplight significantly)
  • Max Frame Rate (8BIT):
      • 150FPS @ 1280*960
      • 300FPS@640*480
      • 557FPS@320*240
  • ADC Sample Depth: 10/12bit,  Output  8bit/12bit
  • Exposure Time: 7us-429sec
  • Pixel Binning: 1×1 2×2
  • MicroLens: Yes, on-chip microlens array
  • Guide Port: Yes, 5PIN Lemo aviation socket
  • Back Focal: Approx. 11mm
  • Camera Size: 1.25inch Eyepiece Size (D=31.6mm)
  • Optic Window: AR+IR cut 680nm (Color)
  • Support Software: ASCOM, SharpCAP, FireCapture

(*) As long as the computer supports it.

Included in standard package:

  1. QHY5III224 camera.
  2. Confocal ring.
  3. 1.5meter USB3.0 cable.
  4. 1.5meter 5pin Lemo to RJ11 guide cable.


Detail of High Quality 5pin Lemo Guide Socket.



Detail of Relativity QE Curve of the IMX224 sensor.


Camera version

QHY5III462C Standard version, QHY5III462C De Luxe version

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