285,00 (price without TAX 235,54)

PocketCW2, improving the excellent!

(Portable cloud detector)

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Pocket CW2, the improved version of our portable solution for cloud detection, measuring sky quality, measuring the temperature, the relative humidity, the dew point, detecting wind, with GPS location, and all of it accessible from the phone and the PC.



The new pocketCW2 will initially be launched with all the functions included in its predecessor, the pocketCW.

From then on, we will start incorporating the new version’s improvements in the shape of software updates. It goes without saying that the pocketCW2 will include all the necessary components to be able to integrate the new characteristics, and the software updates will be free. And of course, full PC connectivity will be available from the very beginning (ASCOM driver, Windows software, etc).

Buying the pocketCW2 now will enable you to:

  • save a considerable amount of money
  • participate in a vote to choose which improvements come out first
  • enjoy the new features as they come out

More information here

Main characteristics:

  • Able to measure sky quality
  • Includes 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi
  • Includes GPS
  • ASCOM – Alpaca
  • Indi – Indigo
  • Configurable alarms for each of the readings (1), for the battery level and the data updates (“watchdog” function)
  • With PC connection through USB-C connector
  • Works with an internal rechargeable LIPO battery (*optional)

✘ It’s not designed to be permanently installed outside

✘ It is not rain resistant


Your pocketCW2 will enable you to go to your favourite “dark place”, and relax while it monitors the sky and ambient conditions, knowing it will wake you up if there is any issue!


Technical specifications:

  • Portable detector that includes:
        • IR sensor – cloud detection
        • Relative humidity sensor
        • Ambient temperature sensor
        • Atmospheric pressure sensor
        • GPS
        • Wind detection (crude)
        • Light sensor: sky brightness expressed in mpsas (mag/arc.sec2)
        • “Watchdog” function
    • Can be connected to a PC through a USB-C
    • With dichroic UV/IR filter *
    • Power supply:
      • Internal rechargeable LIPO battery (*optional)
      • External through USB type C
    • Measurements: 71x71x27mm.
    • Weight: <85 g.
    * Graphic of the dichroic UV/IR filter which covers the new light sensor


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