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LODESTAR PRO (Mono) – Starlight Xpress

565,25 (price without TAX 467,15)

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The Lodestar PRO is an upgraded version of the very popular Lodestar X2 autoguider with quicker download times and lower read noise electronics. The original Lodestar used the ICX429 Exview chip from Sony and offered excellent sensitivity. However, the Lodestar X2 and the Lodestar PRO utilize Sony’s upgraded version of the CCD, the ICX829, with considerably improved QE and read noise.

This new ‘Exview 2’ chip approximately doubles the Lodestar sensitivity and adds nearly a full star magnitude to the minimum guide star brightness. Also, the boards have been redesigned for the standard RJ12 guide socket, instead of the previous  ‘ZH’ cable socket too delicate.

Detailed specifications:

Lodestar 2X

  • CCD – Sony ICX829AL ExView2 monochrome CCD
  • Pixel count –  752(H) x 580(V)
  • Pixel size – 8.6 x 8.3uM
  • Optical size – 6.47 x 4.81 mm
  • Read noise – Typically 5.5 electrons
  • Gain – 0.4 e/ADU
  • Barrel size – 31.75mm dia. x 85mm long (1.25 inch eyepiece push fit size)
  • Barrel thread – 25.4mm x 0.75mm ‘CS’ mount lens thread
  • Computer connection – ‘Mini B’ USB socket for USB2.0
  • Output connection – Standard RJ12 autoguider socket
  • Output type – Opto-isolated 4 lines (N,S,E & W) pull down with common return line 
  • Download rate – Approx. 10 frames per second in binned 2×2 mode (recommended)

Lodestar PRO

Original Lodestar vs Lodestar V2 with 10 second exposure




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