QHY MiniGuideScope

135,00 (price without TAX 111,57)

miniGuideScope – an ultra-lightweight guide scope for QHY5-II and QHY5-III Series. When the pixel of guide camera becomes small and QE becomes high, you may no need big guide scope. The small pixel can detect the guide error in a short focal length. When the focal length reduced, the FOV become bigger. You can find the bright guide star effortlessly.

QHYCCD’s new miniGuideScope is just based this idea. QHY5L-II has 74% high QE, 4 electron readout noise, and 3.75um small pixels. This camera is ideal for the short focal guide scope.

miniGuideScope is a f=130mm Diameter=30mm ultra-small telescope with F4.3 ratio. It has no complex focal adjust system. Just rotate the front part focuser it can get fine focal adjustment. There is a locker to fix the focuser position. When it gets focus you can lock it and no need focus again in the future.

The miniGuideScope has a sharp star point than the industry long focal lens.

New version with an extension ring to avoid light leakage!

miniGuideScope Specification

  • Focal length: 130mm
  • Diameter: 30mm
  • F/ ratio: F4.3
  • Camera Interface: C/CS mount
  • OTA diameter: 31.6mm (same with QHY5-II Series)
  • Focuser: Front Part Focuser with digit mark and locker
  • Weight: 120g
  • Focus range: Infinity to 1.5m.


Complete your miniGuideScope with a Vixen standard base.

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