Nexdome 2.2M – Shutter motor kit

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Combination of the shutter and dome rotation motor, NexDome is fully remote controlled.

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This kit enables your NexDome’s shutter to be motorized and remotely controlled. The shutter kit connects wirelessly to your NexDome dome rotation controller and runs on a 12v deep cycle battery which gets recharged by a smart charger when the shutter is closed.

PLEASE NOTE: This shutter motor requires the NexDome Dome rotation kit.

The onboard firmware also can be updated through the USB port. The magnetic limit switches are used for open and closed positions.

Combination of the shutter and dome rotation motor, NexDome is fully remote controlled.

Included in the kit:

      • The shutter motor, controller, and battery module
      • Shutter track
      • Smart battery charger

  • Wireless connection to Dome Rotation Unit
  • Powered by a 12v DC stepper motor
  • A 12v deep cycle 7amp deep cycle battery is the main power source which can open and close the shutter more than 15 times before drops to 50% of it’s capacity.
  • The battery connects by itself to the charger when closed.
  • Shutter closes automatically when the battery drops to less than 50% capacity.
  • Battery capacity monitor through the computer.
  • No need to make any holes on the dome and very easy to install.
  • Smart manual control shutter functions
  • Magnetic limit switches
  • Easy firmware update through a USB connection
  • Open-source driver.
  • ASCOM, INDIGO & INDI Compatible
  • All the software developed by Lunatico Astronomia.


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