Extensor cable for CloudWatcher Hydreon RG-9 version


Extensor cable for the Hydreon RG-9 adapted to CloudWatcher.


  • With weather-proof IP68 connectors M/F
  • Available in 4 measures: (*)
      • 1m.
      • 1,8m.
      • 2,5m.



(*) For other lengths,  contact us at


The rain detection levels on the CloudWatcher or Solo software need to be configured for the Hydreon RG9 rain sensor.

  • With the standard 50cm cable, the Hydreon will read 2400 for Dry, close to 1000 for rain.
  • With the longest cable we recommend, 3m (using a 2.5m extender), dry will be signaled at about 600, rain 450.

Default limits:

      • With the standard 50cm cable: Dry > 2000, Wet > 1500, Rain > 100. Safe > 2000
      • With the 2.5m extender: Dry > 550 Wet > 500 Rain > 100. Safe > 550

As the cable capacitance may vary, please confirm the values match your unit, adjusting them if needed.

Bear in mind the RG9 only reports Rain / No rain – hence the “Wet” value will never be reached.

Longitud cable

1,8m., 1m., 2,5m.

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