Lunático Astronomía

DuoScope MIX


DuoScope Mix combina:

DuoScope One-C que permite acoplar una cámara fotográfica en cualquier posición de la barra, y

DuoScope One-T que permite acoplar, mediante anillas, un telescopio en el extremo de la barra de contrapesas.


DuoScope MIX

This version is the most versatile, since it can also be mounted with just the camera adapter: as DuoScope-One-C, or with just the telescope adapter: as DuoScope-One-T.

  • O-RING INTERNAL SIZE 80mm: For Telescopes with outside diameter tube between 50 and 70mm.
  • O-RING INTERNAL SIZE 100mm: For Telescopes with outside diameter tube between 70 and 90mm.
Attention: Please, choose carefully to match your mount’s countershaft diameter, if you are not completely sure use as a guide this table:


More information:


Countershaft diameter

18mm. – 0.7087", 20mm. – 0.7874"


80mm., 100mm.