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Baader 2″ Newtonian Coma Corrector MPCC Mark III – Photo

165,00 (price without TAX 136,36)

Corrector MPCC Mark III – Versión astrofotografía. El único corrector de coma que no aumenta la longitud focal y que no reduce el tamaño del campo de su telescopio tipo Newton, un f4 sigue siendo f4.

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2″ MPCC Mark III Newton Coma Correktor – Photographic Version

  • Coma corrector for Newton telescopes, that neither reduces the focal length nor the image field of your telescope
  • Large lenses for completely vignetting-free exposures up to f / 3.5. Maximum sharpness over the entire image field
  • Phantom Coating™ Group multicoated for maximum transmission and total freedom from reflections
  • for all Newtonians, with removable 2″ collar
  • with removable T-2 thread and M48 outer thread