Lunático Astronomía

Adapter to camera end for the OAG



Adapter ring for equipment with different thread accessories at Off-Axis Guider with T2 adapter.

3 options:

  • Adapter to M-48, to connect M-48 threaded accessories. For example own a large cooled CCD camera (QHY, SBIG, the large ATIK, etc), then the T-2 thread is already a bottleneck, to avoid this you can use this larger M-48 thread ring.
  • Adapter to M-42, to connect M-42×1 equipment (*)
  • Adapter for EOS bayonet, to connect your existing Off-Axis Guider with T-2 adapter directly to a Canon EOS body.

(*) This connection ring in combination with the Adapter for EOS bayonet at camera end for the OAG enables the connection of any CANON EOS SLR camera without loss of optical path length.


T-2, M-48, Bayoneta EOS