QHY All-In-One Adapter Kit M42

75,00 (price without TAX 61,98)

Estimated shipping time: 2 days.

M-42 adapters kit for:

Compatible with M-42 ended cameras: QHY183M, QHY174M-GPS and others.


    • 8mm M42 to M48 Adapter*1
    • 3mm M42 Screwed Adapter*1
    • Cam Top Adapter (original name 020063)*1
    • 0.5mm/1mm/2mm/3mm/7mm/10mm Spacer*1
    • 21mm M3 Screws*8
    • 10mm M3 Screws*8
    • 12mm M3 Screws*8

Some examples of using the kit (M42 Nikon/Canon adapter not included in this pack):

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