CloudWatcher Relative humidity and Atmospheric pressure sensor

62,25 (price without TAX 51,45)

Improved Relative Humidity sensor and New Atmospheric Pressure sensor!

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Improved Relative Humidity and Atmospheric pressure sensor for your AAG CloudWatcher unit. Easy installation!

Composed of the following items:

  • Relative Humidity, Atmospheric pressure sensor and Temperature sensorisolated and with wires to connect to the AAG CloudWatcher
  • Including a heatsink, vents, and a case specially designed to allow its assembly separated from the unit (to avoid the PCB heat)
  • Protection cover with anti-UV treatment (improve version from 2021/Apr)
  • Screws (2ud.)

Once the sensor is installed in the device you need to install the latest firmware published on our download page.

This firmware will read both RH and atmospheric pressure sensors.

Update the firmware:

Cloudwatcher with the sensor installed
Cloudwatcher with the sensor installed
The data from this sensor are supported by the SOLO CW (attached image).

If you want to take a look at our SOLO installed in Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain, click here:

Windows program displays the value in the screen, with the dew point, and the data are included in the “Single line data” file (*), so they are available in ASCOM.

Please, keep in mind:

The customer is the sole responsible for the correct installation of the sensor.
Please check the instructions carefully to assess if you are capable of making the installation. If the unit is damaged, Lunático will, of course, repair it but that will have a cost, a very reasonable one but a cost nonetheless.

Valid for CW units with serial number 400 onwards.



Detailed assembling instructions

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