Seletek Armadillo 2 controller

195,00 (price without TAX 161,16)

Seletek ARMADILLO 2, controls focuser, rotator, filter wheels, heater bands, fans … Compatible with ASCOMLinux / INDIlib, and also with INDIGO.

The Seletek Armadillo is Lunatico’s astronomical peripheral controller.

  • controls all types of motors (VSI, Feather Touch, Robofocus, Moonlite, Lakeside …)
  • fully compatible with previous models
  • It allows controlling two devices simultaneously:
        • focuser
        • rotator
        • filter wheel (with stepper motors, not USB wheels)
        • other device
  • Simultaneous control of two focus motors, (the Lunático ones or another, such as Robofocus, Moonlite or FeatherTouch ones, and almost any other that is “stepper“),
  • Simultaneous control of two filter wheels,
  • … or a rotator and a wheel
  • Telescope fans control
  • With our free program “PinByPin: independent control of any controller pin, manual or automated (depending on temperature delta), useful not only for fan control but also for dew heater bands, as ones of the ZeroDew system.
  • Rotators control, like the VSI’s “Zerotator”, or the Astrodon “TAKometer”
  • With “Seletek à la carte” you can customize your Seletek to match your specific needs, you decide the peripherals you want to control (contact us at
        • dew heating bands (from our ZeroDew system or others)
        • even a dew heater controller (using a relay)
        • the astronomy green laser pointer
        • the mirror cooling fans
        • any 12V powered device, using a relay
  • And you can send us your suggestions for new applications, contact us at

Why is an external controller like the Armadillo, Platypus, Tarsier or Limpet better than an “all in one” (focuser with embedded motor and cables)?

The focuser, rotator, and filter wheel software are ASCOM compliant.
And Linux / INDIlib driver for the focuser!
And, also INDIGO driver for the focuser!

Technical specifications:

Armadillo con soporte DIN rail
Armadillo bottom with DIN rail support (not included). To purchase the DIN rail click here.
  • Aluminum box, slim, sturdy, pre-drilled for DIN rail hooks
  • Outputs: 8 power digital outputs (up to 1A), 4 in every connector.
  • Inputs: 5 analogical-digital inputs (1 for the temperature external sensor, 4 available and protected by optocouplers)
  • PC connection via USB
  • Size: 144 * 90 * 36 mm (including DB9 connectors)
  • Weight: 195 gr.
  • External power supply from 12 to 30 V dc (depending on the motor used), typically 12 V dc
  • The free software supports any current Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 10, 32bit, 64bit)
  • ASCOM compliant software. INDIlib and INDIGO for focuser.
  • Will work with FocusMax, MaximDL, CCDCommander, ACP, CCD AutoPilot, SGPro, Voyager, APT… and any ASCOM aware astronomy software
  • Seletek includes the USB 2.0 cable (controller to PC conection) (*)

(*)If you want the power supply cable for the car lighter plug, please click here.


Enfocador Seletek Armadillo en C8
Seletek Armadillo 2 focuser mounted in Celestron

You can purchase just the Limpet controller (this item) for your existing motorized focuser, or the complete set Armadillo 2 focuser kit, which includes:

(1) Select your focuser model focuser according to the images shown here. In case of doubt, please contact us.





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