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QHY miniCAM5-S-M CMOS camera

565,00 (price without TAX 466,94)

Cámara QHY miniCAM5S-M, designed with a multipurpose vocation: deep and planetary space.


MESSIER 27, imagen courtesy of Joaquín Vega ( Image taken with the Celestron f.6,3. focal reducer.



Technical data:

  • Sensor CMOS: MT9M034 Typical 1/3 inch, blanco y negro
  • Pixeles efectivos: 1280*960
  • Tamaño de Pixel: 3.75um*3.75um
  • Readout Type: Progressive Scan
  • Shutter: Electric rolling shutter
  • Exposure Time: 10us-1800 sec
  • Max Speed: 1280*960 30FPS 640*480 106FPS
  • Pixel Binning: 1*1 2*2
  • Peak QE: Mono>74%
  • AD convert: 8bit/12bit(output)
  • Readout clock: 48MHz/72MHz
  • Readout Noise: High Gain 2e- Medium Gain 4e- Low Gain 7e-
  • Full Well: 18ke-
  • Mechanical interface: M42/1.25inch T ring /C mount
  • Optic glass window: Mono: AR+AR Clear glass
  • Silicon gel socket: yes
  • Weight (camera only): 280g
  • Power Consumption: 50% Cooling Power 10.7 Watt
  • Guider Interface: 5pin aviation socket (*Note)
  • USB2.0 Interface: Yes

Images courtesy of Joaquín Vega ( With the miniCam5S and a Barlow 2X. 180 sec.’ each one. Treated with RegistaX.

miniCAM5S miniCAM5S
miniCAM5S miniCAM5S

The miniCAM5S-M includes:

  • Cámara miniCAM5S-M camera
  • Storage box
  • 1,25″ adapter
  • Cables



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