CloudWatcher & anemometer Mounting Bracket


Made of stainless steel, it allows the safe and easy installation of the AAG CloudWatcher cloud detector and anemometer.

Estimated shipping time: 3 days.

Cloudwatcher & anemometer mounting bracket, to install your devices correctly and easily.

Available in two versions:

  1. standard version to install in a wall, or
  2. with U bolts for pole or column installation.


  • Size:
    • Length: 220mm. (for CW and anemo) + 103 (for brackets)
    • Wide: 85mm.
  • Weight: 328gr.
  • Thickness: 2mm.
  • Max pole diameter: 45mm (pole version).

Machined features:

  • drills for wall and pole brackets
  • drills custom made for CW and anemometer
  • made in stainless steel
  • suitable for wall and pole
  • includes the necessary screws for the assembly of the units (4 screws/nuts M4 and 3 screws/nuts M5)



Wall, Pole (with U bolts)

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