Lunático Astronomía

80mm. Lunatico’s finderscope 90º angle head

255,00 (price without TAX 210,74)

EZG-80 finderscope 90º angle head. Outstanding price/quality relationship. Includes eyepiece, rings, bracket, and screws.

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80 mm. finderscope Angle head. This is a real “mini-telescope”: fast, short, light, and complete.

Technical specifications:

  • Objective Lens: Fully multi-coated 80 mm.
  • Fast, f/4.1
  • Focal length: 328 mm
  • Magnification: 13.5X (with supplied eyepiece)
  • 24mm eyepiece with focusing reticle illuminator adapter (1)
  • Sturdy helical focuser 1,25″
  • Nylon protected head screws
  • Rings included
  • Eyepiece holder protected with a compression ring to avoid pressure marks
  • Full aluminum structure
  • Universal Dovetail Finderscope Bracket included
  • Straight head option available (2)
  • Lightweight: approx. 1 kg. (approx. 2 pounds).

Cinta calentadora ZeroDew en tubo EZGEZG-60 with the 2″ ZeroDew band.

(*) Complete EZG with a Vixen standard base.

(1) To get the eyepiece illuminator, click here.
(2) To change it into a straight configuration, the straight adapter for 80 mm. finderscope is needed.

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