QHY 9 Mono, camera CCD with accesories

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QHY 9 Monochrome camera and accessories, image size: 17.96mm (H) x 13.52mm (V) 4/3inch.

Discontinued Model, we suggest replacing by QHY600M/C or QHY268M/C.

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Discontinued Model, we suggest replacing by QHY600M/C or QHY268M/C.

QHY 9 camera, a classic from the manufacturer QHY with which you can obtain spectacular deep sky images.

IC443, Nebulosa de la medusa

AAPOD on March 12, 2012.

IC443, Jellyfish Nebula

  • Telescope: 65mm f/6.5 Quadruplet
  • Camera: Luna-QHY 9 Mono
  • Mount: Skywatcher EQ6 pro
  • Guide: Luna-QHY5 + OAG
  • Filters: Baader LRGB, Baader h-Alpha
Detalle de Los Velos. 1ª luz de la Luna-QHY 9 de Ramón Manzano

Detail of The Veils. 1st light of the QHY 9 by Ramón Manzano. (Click on the image if you want to enlarge it)


Nebulosa Norteamérica, imagen tomada por Manuel Fernández

North America Nebula, image taken by Manuel Fernándezmore details here.


La cámara QHY 9 está basada en el chip KAF8300, con 8 MPixeles en blanco y negro, y un sensor totalmente afianzado que ha demostrado su estupendo funcionamiento. Este modelo, además, cuenta con obturador mecánico, (imprescindible con este tipo de chip), y una refrigeración de gran calidad (hasta 50 grados bajo ambiente).

Main Features:

    • CCD sensor: KAF8300
    • Total pixel: 3448*2574 (8.9mega pixel)
    • Active pixels: 3358*2536 (8.6mega pixel)
    • Pixel Size: 5.4um*5.4um
    • FullWell: 25.5Ke-
    • Imager Size: 17.96mm (H) x 13.52mm (V) 4/3inch
    • Readout noise: TBD(Appox 10e maybe)
    • Preview Speed: 3Mpixel/s (3sec download time)
    • Download Speed: 1Mpixel/s (9sec download time)
    • Peak QE: 56% @540nm 48%@Ha
    • Microlensing on chip
    • ABG: 1000X
    • 16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
    • USB2.0 High Speed interface
    • Build in 32MBytes SDRAM buffer
    • Support Binning: No Bin, 2*2,3*3,4*4
    • Communication port to QHY color wheel
    • Improved 2-Stage TEC cooling -50 from ambinet
    • Improved Heat Sink For KODAK CCD
    • Build in Temp sensor and 16bit high presion ADC
    • DC103 DC adapter & TEC Controller, Regulated
    • Build in Mechanical shutter for Full Frame CCD
    • Weight: 510g
The KAF8300 chip.


In certain humidity circumstances, it may be advisable to use the silicon tube for QHY cameras. This camera model admits up to two units.

The camera is delivered:

  • With the necessary cables including cigarette lighter power
  • With a DC-201 transformer

More spectacular sample images.

Las Pléyades de Javier Nogués
The Pleiades – Javier Nogués

SH2-171 de Miguel Muro
SH2-171 – Miguel Muro

IC1848 de Javier Nogués
IC1848 – Javier Nogués

La Luna de Miguel Muro
The Moon – Miguel Muro

The Owl, de Miguel Muro
The Owl – Miguel Muro

La Roseta de José María Petit
The Rosette – José María Petit

M33 de Miguel Muro
M33 – Miguel Muro

NGC7000 de Antonio Fernández
NGC7000 – Antonio Fernández

Cederblad 214 de Javier Nogués
Cederblad 214 – Javier Nogués
La Burbuja de Miguel Muro
NGC 7635 The Bubble – Miguel Muro

Cassiopeia’s bubble with the open cluster M52 (top right). Image taken by Miguel Muro.

EM-200 Temma2, TOA-130F 130 mm, F=744 mm, f/5.7, QHY9, gain 50%, offset 105%, Solución de autoguiado Lunático, focus with Seletek. Seeing: 2.5-3.0 Temp.22ºC, 14/09/09.