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Vixen style female Dovetail



For quick and easy placement of  VIXEN dovetails.

With this dovetail female adapter, you can place telescopes, cameras, or spotting scopes to flat surfaces or photography tripods. You only need one VIXEN dovetail.

They are very versatile due to the two large holes (models 8 and 15cm.). It can be installed from the top side with an M6 or 1/4 “screws.

In addition, they have a 1/4 “(female) threaded hole that allows you to put an EQ5 or Vixen-style dovetail adapter on your photography tripod. Or you can add a Baader Planetarium 1 kg leveling counterweight to get a mobile counterweight.

The plates are adjusted firmly and easily with the lateral screws that it incorporates that are protected so as not to mark the dovetails.


  • Completely CNC machined metal
  • In case you needed more drills, they can be easily made thanks to its manufacturing in solid aluminum. For some instructions click here
  • Mecanizado en CNC
  • 3 available lengths:
      • 8 cm.
      • 15 cm.
      • 23 cm.

Dovetail female Vixen-style – 15cm.

Dovetail female Vixen-style – 15cm.

Dovetail female Vixen-style – 23cm.









80 mm., 150 mm., 230 mm.

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