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Red dot finder

65,00 (price without TAX 53,72)

Deluxe red dot finder – don’t fumble around in the dark, find your target

Perhaps you already know this from personal experience: The night sky beckons, you set up your telescope – but actually finding the astronomical object you want takes forever? This is often due to a simple finderscope or LED finder which cannot be aligned correctly, perhaps due to it being ‘cheap and nasty’. This finder shows you that there is another way.

A red dot finder made of metalrobust, rigid and durable

The metallic construction means you get a finder that will give you many years of enjoyment. Metal is rigid, meaning your finder is also rock solid. You can easily tune in the lateral and height adjustment of your finder, using a Hex key, until your viewfinder sits perfectly parallel to the OTA.

Change on the fly: Four different light symbols

Choose between four different light symbols: dot, circle with a red dot, cross-hairs and cross-hairs with circle. This is very easy to change in the dark using the user-friendly switch at the back. If the luminous symbol is too bright, then simply dim it using the dial provided – adjustable in 7 steps – to a level comfortable for you.

The benefit in practice is in being able to select between the different symbols and adjusting the brightness for being optimally able to see even fainter astronomical target objects.

Easy installation: It fits straight onto most telescopes (*)

Simply attach the finder using the standard accessory shoe. The foot of the finder is designed to fit straight into the Vixen and Skywatcher formats. Your robust red dot finder stays the same – but you can use it on all your telescopes.


  • rigid metal LED finder
  • metal base for stable seating
  • coated projection screen giving a clear view through
  • fits all Vixen/GP finder shoes
  • four different light modes: point, circle with a red dot, cross-hairs, cross-hairs with circle
  • 7 dimming levels, for optimum brightness
  • very easy to install, fits onto any telescope
  • comes with adjustment tool and microfibre cloth
How to use the red dot finder

  1. Finding astronomical objects through the finder is easy.
  2. Unlike using an optical finder, you see an unmagnified upright image.
  3. Your orientation in the night sky is hence undisturbed and you can see a wide swath of sky.
  4. Keep both eyes open and look into the finder from about 20cm away. It will seem as if there is an illuminated red symbol floating in the sky.
  5. Simply move the telescope until the symbol coincides with your target and you can start observing.

  (*) Complete your red dot  with a Vixen standard base.

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