QHY Filter Masks


QHY Filter Masks

New Filter Masks for the QHYCFW3-M, QHYCFW3-L and QHYCFW3-XL filter wheels.

To replace the small round fixers, previous provided to hold unmounted filters in the carousel. These filter masks make installation easier and, more importantly, they help eliminate stray light from passing around unmounted filters in the carousel filter slots.

Available in 3 measures:

      • QHYCFW3-M–36mm round unmounted filter masks *8pcs
      • QHYCFW3-L –50mm round unmounted filter masks*10pcs
      • QHYCFW3-XL–50mm round unmounted filter masks*10pcs for the 9 x 50mm round filter carousel



QHYCFW3 - Size

Extra-large, Large, Medium

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