Lunático Astronomía


QHY 5R-II Color camera

119,00 (price without TAX 98,35)

QHY 5R-II Colour camera, Great for astro beginners!



  • CMOS Sensor: ASX340 – COLOR
  • Effective Pixels: 728*560, 0.4mega pixel
  • Pixel Size: 5.6um*5.6um
  • Shutter: Electric Rolling Shutter
  • Readout Type: Progressive Scan
  • Imager Size: Typical 1/4 inch
  • ADC Output Bit: Support 8bit and 10bit output mode
  • Exposure Time: 20us-10minute
  • Max Frame Rate: 95FPS
  • Pixel Binning: N.A.
  • Peak QE: 50%@Blue,60%@Green,58%@Blue
  • Sensitivity: 16.5V/lux*sec(550nm)
  • Camera Size: 1.25inch Eyepiece Size (D=31.6mm)
  • Optic Window: IR cut filter 680nm
  • Support Software: EZPlanetary,ASCOM,Native WDM,Broadcast WDM
  • Con adaptador C
  • Tamaño: 31,6mm diámetro x 52mm longitud
  • Peso: 59 gr
Package includes:

  • QHY5R-II colour camera
  • CS adapter
  • Location ring
  • 1,25″ extender
  • USB cable
  • Metal designed box by the manufacturer

Sample images 5II-R Colour: The Moon and The Sun.

luna-qhy 5R-II

luna-qhy 5R-II

luna-qhy 5R-II



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