Lunático Astronomía

Off Axis Guider for Baader FlipMirror II

99,50 (price without TAX 82,23)

Off Axis Guider (BFM-OAG) for direct connection to the Baader FlipMirror II Star Diagonal (Baader ref. #2458055).

This is the only prism that can be tuned to actively center a star on the guiding chip. Use the BFM-OAG to attach an autoguider camera to a Baader FlipMirror II Mirror Diagonal that works with every position of the mirror.

The distance between the optical axis and the center of the OAG prism is 17.5mm – once the 4mm spacer ring is removed. This distance provides the largest possible vignetting-free field while retaining all the advantages of the large and movable prism.

With one or two DT-4 nosepiece extensions #1905130 you can place virtually any camera above the Off-Axis-Guider so that it is parfocal with the recording camera. The BFM-OAG is also part of the Off-Axis Guider for RCC (RCC-OAG) #2956950

Requires 24mm back focus on BFM II