Lunático Astronomía

Aurora Flatfield Panels power supply



Power suuply for the Aurora Flatfield Panels. Three options:

  • AA batteries (available only for the smallest version diameter: 100mm.)
  • 12V. (all sizes available)
  • 110-220V (available only for the larger versions: 310 and 420mm.)

Aurora panels can be easily remote controlled with the Dragonfly.

Aurora panel measurements:

        • D 100 mm. (for instruments up to 4 “)
        • D 160 mm. (for instruments up to 6 “)
        • D 220 mm. (for instruments up to 8 “)
        • D 315 mm. (for instruments up to 12 “)
        • D 420 mm. (for instruments up to 16 “)



Flat panel diameter

100mm., 160mm., 220mm., 315mm., 420mm.

Alimentación del panel flat

Pilas AAx2 (sólo para D100mm.), 110-220V., 12V

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